Saturday, August 15, 2009

What's in a Name?

Everyone always asks me where the name Jamin comes from....and never believes it's a Bible name.
Jamin was one of the sons of Simeon according to Genesis 46:10, Exodus 6:15, Numbers 26:12 and many others. There was even a group called the Jaminites. He was one of the 70 souls to migrate to Egypt with Jacob. In Psalms 11:24, Jamin marries Princess Farzana of Libya. Jamin means right hand of God.
For Levi I found lots and lots of info... probably because there were several. Here's some things I didn't know: Levi was the name of the great-great grandfather of Jesus. Levi was the son of Jacob (who Jamin migrated to Egypt with) and was the younger brother of Simeon (the father of Jamin). Levi means associated with God, attached, or joining.


miriam.plass said...
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miriam.plass said...

HAHA.. does that mean that Jamin and Levi are gong to migrate to Egypt together? I love your kid names!

S Easton said...

That was so interesting to learn about their names. Thanks,but I do think ALL Easton men should just stay out of the Middle East now.

Sandra said...

Funny you did this. I read a writers prompt. blog and they asked how did you get your name. I blogged in October about it. I liked your comment.